Vicopisano in history

Vicopisano today

One thousand years of history characterize Vicopisano. Without a doubt, those years left important marks in the town's territory. Starting with its administrative center which concentrates the most part of its cultural heritage, with the extraordinary proofs of the Medieval civil construction activities. Here we make a list of them according to their size, but also considering Vicopisano's potentialities: the Rocca del Brunelleschi, Palazzo Pretorio, the Towers (Torre dell'Orologio, Torre delle Quattro Porte, Torre dei Seretti, Torre Malanima, the two Twin Towers, Torre di Pietraia), le Mura (the Walls) and the Case Torri, S. Maria's Church it's the only religious building left between the several ones that were present in Middle Ages.

But, aside from its peculiarities, what stands out from the rest is the extraordinary unity offered by the urban pattern. Apart from some recent mistakes, those works of art are harmoniously integrated in the environment and they are intersected by alleys, lanes and buildings. They contribute to make this extraordinary historic center distinctive.