Didactic programs for schools

The Municipality of Vicopisano offers educational tours to the castle and to the Vicopisano Monumental Complex, to the finds of the exhibition “L’Aratro e il Calamo”, to the archaeological site of the Monastery of San Michele alla Verruca and to the Vicopisano’s Historical Archive.

Questi i percorsi attivi:

Itinerary n. 1
Itinerary “The castle in the Middle Ages”
Itinerary n. 2
Itinerary “Vicopisano Castle tour”
Itinerary n. 3
Itinerary “The Historical Archive of Vicopisano” 

Itinerary “The castle in the Middle Ages”

Starting from the finds of the exhibition “L’Aratro e il Calamo”, this path is intended to show participants the structure and functioning of a medieval castle. With the aid of reconstructions and images, step by step students can discover how life inside a castle was, which the functional spaces were, how people lived and divided tasks and duties. The laboratory work involves the reconstruction of prototypes inspired by the surviving and clearly legible structures of Vicopisano Castle.

Itinerary “Vicopisano Castle tour”

The tour of Vicopisano castle is like a real jump in the Middle Ages. Just think that within the historical centre are preserved 13 military and civil towers, that represent the medieval building and its civilization, which had in the tower the highest expression of power and dominion of the town. Walking along the streets of the village, you will discover the ancient everyday life scenarios up to the Fortress designed by Filippo Brunelleschi: a jewel of medieval military architecture that will enchant its visitors.

Itinerary “The Historical Archive of Vicopisano” 

It’s an attractive educational tour focused on the discovery of the Historical Archive, which collects documents dated from 1532 to 1964. This path allows you to get the knowledge of the archive structure and its main parts in order to understand its importance as a source of historical memory and documentary research.


The didactic paths last for about three hours (preferably from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon).

For particular needs it is possible to agree on different duration and time.


Itineraries 1 and 2: € 5 per child (including entrance to the Fortress of Brunelleschi and Praetorian Palace, entrance to the exhibition “L’aratro e il Calamo” and guided tour).

Itinerary 3: Free (including guided tour with an archivist).

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