How to reach Vicopisano:

Vicopisano is part of the County Council of Pisa, about 18 Km away from Pisa town; it covers a surface of 26,92 sq.Km. and its population is about 8,000. The Rural District of Vicopisano comprises the main village, Vicopisano, and other smaller villages, which are San Giovanni alla Vena, Cucigliana, Lugnano, Uliveto Terme and Caprona, all located along the “Via Provinciale Vicarese”, which is the Provincial Road to Pisa.

The Rural District of Vicopisano lies entirely between the river Arno, which marks all its southern border, and the ‘Monte Pisano’. The dualism mountain/river has been one of the distinguishing features which have marked the History of its urban agglomerations. For centuries, the inhabitants have been living on activities linked to the exploitation of these so different but yet complementary environments: the Mountain, which gave water and wood, the products of the forest and of the olive grove; stones were used for dwellings, churches and palaces, as well as for millstones and terracings for the olive trees. The River, which has always been the main means of transport, vital link to Pisa, Leghorn and Florence, and therefore a great source of profit for generations of boatmen and fishermen.

From the 60’s, with the decline of the traditional activities linked to agriculture, Vicopisano has met with a period of commercial development, mainly addressed to the industrialisation of the traditional furniture sector. Another typical activity is represented by pottery making, a craft which has been present in the region since at least the 16th century.

The many remarkable architectural sights and beautiful landscapes present in the district of Vicopisano have made it, in the last years, a popular destination for national and international tourism; and the position of the village at the slopes of Monte Pisano with its mixture of pine woods, oak trees, and also of bare, calcareous rocks has increased the interest of visitors.   Vicopisano is easily reachable from any part of Tuscany as it is very close to the FI-PI-LI highway, the International Airport of Pisa and the exit “Altopascio” off the motorway A11.


Visit to the “Cpt Compagnia Pisana Trasporti” website to check bus timetables from Vicopisano to Pisa and to Pontedera, and the ones from Pisa and Pontedera to Vicopisano:


Vicopisano is 7 km away from Pontedera train station and 9 km away from Cascina’s.

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