The territory of Vicopisano

The territory of Vicopisano: a corner of Tuscany to discover

Welcome to Vicopisano and its territory!

Get ready to relive stories of ancient battles and sieges, of ambitious military projects and hydrographic engineering, with fortresses and dry lakes.

Follow us to discover the historical paths between Romanesque churches and ancient waterways.

Immerse yourself in a lush landscape where harmony and tranquility reign, with nature trails, walks and excursions on the Monte Pisano, tasting of olive oil and typical products.

Let us welcome you in our small accommodations and live with us for a day or for as long as you want, discover secrets and curiosities of the small countries of our region and of Tuscany that embraces us all around.


Vicopisano and its fractions: between the River Arno and Mount Pisano

We are in Tuscany: the city of Pisa and its famous Square of Miracles smiling at us a few kilometers away. Lucca and its walls watching us warily beyond the Monte Serra and Florence, a bit ‘more distant, keeps us under control as at the time of the struggles between Guelphs and Ghibellines.

The municipal territory of which the medieval village of Vicopisano is the capital, is spread along the Monte Pisano, in a route characterized by the presence of six small villages – San Giovanni alla Vena, Uliveto Terme, Lugnano, Caprona, Walnut and Cucigliana (plus the ‘Guerrazzi agglomeration) – each with its history, curiosity and the characters that animate the streets and holidays.

The tradition and individuality of each country reflect the classic Tuscanparochialism“. Each fraction has in fact a very specific activity, several commercial outlets and therefor diversified interests, for which they have acquired a strong conscience of belonging to their community. What unites a bit all the fractions is the location: they loosen along the Vicarese street, between the river Arno and the slopes of Mount Pisano, in an unnatural environment suitable for extensive crops, which instead have affected, in throughout history, the immediate surroundings of the village of Vicopisano. Fact that, without a doubt, has greatly influenced the development of these centers, forced to neglect agriculture to devote to other activities: ceramics (San Giovanni alla Vena and Cucigliana), the caves of mortar (Uliveto and Caprona and later even San Giovanni alla Vena) and river transport carried out by navicellai (all fractions).

The strategic location, close to a major inland waterway, reminds us of settlements from ancient times, as confirmed by the archaic Etruscan discoveries. There are many elements of Roman origin: Cucigliana, Lugnano and Caprona were, probably, home for rural villas. During the Middle Ages, all the settlements of Lungomonte, along with Vicopisano, acquired a particular importance for the political and economic life of Pisa: they were points of military defense of the territory and land tenure centers for some of the most important families of the aristocracy of Pisa . The fall of the military-strategic interest, after the Florentine conquest, however, did not stop in this land, fertile and suitable for different cultivations, the investment by the most important families who, in the sixteenth century, chose these beautiful places to build their sumptuous residential villas, some can still be visited today.

Every year during the first week of June, the town council organizes Vico In Bike: a slow pedal cycle group that we recommend to discover the city along the surroundings of the embankment.

Visiting the immediate surroundings of Vicopisano, in addition to the most famous cities of Pisa, Lucca and Florence (who are respectively 20, 30 and 60 km), you can discover other small villages with history, art and culture: the nearby Calci , important for two internationally important sites such as the Museum of Natural History and Territory, University of Pisa, and the Certosa monumental – a monumental complex in Baroque style founded in the fifteenth century and inhabited by Carthusian monks until the seventies; Buti, where you can visit the Villa Medici and San Giuliano Terme, for those who want to dive in its rejuvenating thermal baths.

The special feature of this small, but authentic, corner of Tuscany is the opportunity to visit many places of historical and cultural interest concentrated in a few kilometers, in a naturalistic and environmental setting, perfect for those who want to combine cultural tourism and slow tourism, for those who want to travel through the taste and flavors of the past.

Vicopisano and its region is the ideal destination for medieval history enthusiasts, walkers and cyclists, for families with children, but also for those who travel alone or in small groups, with friends or with the school.

Vicopisano is for you, we are waiting for you!

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