Uliveto Terme and the Thermal Park

Uliveto Terme is a small town surrounded by green Tuscan hills, nestled between Mount Pisano and the Arno River, 9 km from the village of Vicopisano and 15 minutes from Pisa.

Known throughout the world for its famous water of health, which flows right here from centuries with its beneficial properties for better digestion and to live healthy, is today a special place to discover and live in total relaxation, for its historical heritage and the many activities that can be done inside of the leafy and equipped Thermal Park: a large garden where you can walk and drink the refreshing and rich in precious minerals water, a whole day to relax inside the sport facilities, and even participate to events (conferences, shows, cultural events, but also weddings and ceremonies) that can be arranged in the hall of the Convention Hall, located in the heart of the park.

The history of the healthy water and of Uliveto terme

Peace, health and wellbeing are the keywords of this charming corner of the town of Uliveto Terme, which has its history and development mainly thanks to the water fountain that bears his name.

This prestigious source, always known by the farmers and people of neighboring countries, was also called “il bagno antico“, and its historical information which documented for the first time its importance – reported by Muratori (1672- 1750) – which speaks of “Balneum et Fontanam” Uliveto – most likely dates from the year one thousand.

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So the Uliveto thermal vocation has ancient roots and has developed over the centuries to become in the nineteenth century a real economic activity, organized with its own manufacturing facility, which took place not only medical and spa treatments (including the ritual of the “bathing”), but also the bottling. In 1868 it was in fact marketed, and distributed for the first time, by the Grassi Family Sailors, the owner of the first group of production facilities, and succeeded the previous owner family Vannucchi in the same year: success came slowly, but by the end of the century the Uliveto water became famous throughout Europe, and the country became a spa destination for drinking cure and for immersion in the typical basins. In 1910, after further chemical analysis and confirmed the beneficial importance to health of this water (in his 1835 book the well-known Dr. Giuli clearly pointed to the health benefits of Uliveto Terme, the study was taken up and studied with great attention, in the turn of the ‘900,from celebrated Italian clinicals such as Grocco, Fedele and Zoja), the first industrial bottling plant was built by the Company “Acqua and Uliveto Terme”.


In the 30s the Great Hotel of the Royal Spa, equipped with the most modern facilities of the period, was attended by the ladies and the noble ladies of the Belle Epoque: this was the heyday in the history of the Terme of Uliveto, interrupted with the Second War World, during which the entire spa building, and a part of facilities for production, was destroyed.

The reconstruction took place after the war, the Park and the factory were designed according to the new requirements and with a more modern concept.

The Thermal Park: a healthy, sports and events place

The Uliveto Thermal Park is now an elegant garden that offers many opportunities for recreation, as well as those specifically thermal. From the entrance, which incorporats a nineteenth-century figure, you go through what is considered the entrance of “honor”, reserved for those who choose the park to celebrate marriage or any other important event: the unique atmosphere of the place is ideal for every type of event, as well as the presence of the Conference room (a bright air-conditioned auditorium in which you can prepare gala dinners up to a number of 250 persons) which stands where once was the room of the drink, it lets organize initiatives in a professional and efficient way.

The ancient fountains are outside the convention hall where the water gushes fresh and available throughout the year for water therapy. Always recommended to digest better and to stay healthy, as healthy daily habit, the Uliveto water is mentioned as particularly suitable for those who perform sports and physical activity, and suggested in athletic diets. Even for this it figures since 1992 as the official water of Italy at the Olympic Games, and for many years as a sponsor of the national football team.

For sports enthusiasts, the Uliveto Thermal Park offers several facilities, including a 5 lane pool (25mx15) which is open in summer, where you can enjoy aqua aerobics or swimming lessons, and two tennis courts. The green areas of the park are a great place to run, to do gymnastics also autonomously, for activities such as yoga or tai-chi, for all those who want to take care of mental and physical health. The Café also allows you to stop for a coffee or a snack, and spend a full and enjoyable day at the park, carefree and totally relaxed.

The Romanesque church of St. Martin in the old Bath

Inside the park, at a short distance from the Congress Hall and the pool area, you can also admire the Romanesque church of San Martino al Bagno Antico.

The building, a jewel of Romanesque architecture, was built with a perfect technique, which confirms the presence of highly skilled workers which travelled on the territory of Pisa. Devoid of sculptural decoration, the single-nave building with an apse has small dimensions and an unusual bell tower on the facade.

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