Guided Visits in Vicopisano

A visit in Vicopisano means above all walking through its ancient streets, getting lost in the alleys, taking a look up at the towers’ summit and being enchanted by the views and the landscapes all around the village.

The simplest way to get informations and book a guided tour through the village and to the Brunelleschi Rocca is by contacting the Vicopisano’s tourist office.

The imposing Brunelleschi Rocca complex is open to visitors every weekend from 25th march (the day in which the city of Pisa celebrates its “New Year’s Day”, according to the ancient calendar) to november’s end. From december to march the complex is open on every second sunday of the month with these schedule:

Saturday (15,30 – 19)

Sunday (10 – 12,30 and 15,30 – 19)

In any time of the year groups may reserve guided tours of Vicopisano and its monuments by calling the tourist office at 050796581 (email:

The Rocca and Praetorian Palace’s monumental complex includes:

Praetorian Palace only (Palace, exhibition, prisons and archive)
3,00 (full) 2.00 € (reduced)
Brunelleschi Rocca only 5.00 € (full) 3.00 € (reduced)
Full visit (Palace + Rocca)
7.00 € (full) 5.00 € (reduced)

Fare reduction is for minimum 10 persons groups and 10-14 years old kids.

For kids under 10 years (except school visit) and group’s escorts the entry is free