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Leisure and cultural activities, educational workshops and children’s events: services dedicated to families on holiday in Vicopisano

Discovery, adventure, fun: children on vacation are curious and seek new challenges.

For families, the need to stay in a place that offers activities suited to their kids, dedicated services or however also designed for them. In order for them to enjoy the best holiday all together, for parents the ideal is a destination that offers a balanced mix of interesting things to do and see on the one hand and peace, safety and harmony with the places where they stay on the other part. More and more families choose destinations and smaller hotels that provide atmosphere and a peaceful environment and that allow them to live their holiday as well as a moment of rest and joy also as an experience of life in a different place, in contact with people and local traditions.


Vicopisano is a small village suitable for children, arranged to accommodate families throughout the year as if they were an integral part of its community. All children, residents and their real and temporary residents on vacation, can have fun together in the streets, in parks and gardens, or exploring the many places of the territory, and still playing and participating in numerous cultural activities, creative, playful and natural , organized by the various associations and the municipal library.


And for children and young people who also want to find out from home the village of Vicopisano and its history, in order to better target when they come on holiday with their family or school, we propose the reading of our tourist guide dedicated to them: wrote in a simple and clever way, cleverly illustrated, it is designed precisely for young and very curious tourists.




What can a child on vacation in Vicopisano do?

A few suggestions and ideas to visit and live in Vicopisano with smaller eyes.


Stories of battles and sieges: full immersion in the Middle Ages

The discovery of the fortified village, the military secrets of the fortress of Brunelleschi, through the Praetorian Palace and the museum exhibition that tells of daily life in a medieval monastery, is an ensured adventure for children who participate in guided tours of the monumental complex group of Vicopisano, free under 10 years (except schools), and reduced rates for children between 10 and 14 years. Upon request and need to be done in small groups, the children can also choose between the educational courses designed for them to study the history of the Middle Ages in an interactive way, through workshops and reconstructions, such as the routes “The Castle in the Middle Ages” and ” This is The life of the monks“, “The life of military troops“, “The game in the Middle Ages” “Archival of Vicopisano” (other routes may be awaiting activation). And for those who want a real full immersion weekend in the Middle Ages nothing better than to attend the Medieval Festival in September and take part in many activities, shows and animations dedicated to small knights and ladies.

Stories of farmers and artisans: Oil and ceramics

You can live interesting experiences also to better know the typicality and the activities of the Vicopisano area, with paths that focus on olive culture and ceramics. The mill, farms and artisan laboratories are pleased to accommodate children and adults for visits, demonstrations and laboratory activities. In the mills of the area you can see the process of crushing the olives, taste and buy directly exquisite oil produced. The potters will be happy to show you how you work ceramics, from modeling to turning to painting.

Stories to live on foot or by bicycle: outdoor activities and the entire nature

The territory of Vicopisano offers so much wildlife to explore, and that makes it possible to understand how the environment is wonderful and important to be respected. Organized by specialized local environmental associations and environmental hiking guides of the territory, there are many initiatives throughout the year – or at events – that put children and young people of all ages in contact with nature, animating the week or end their holidays. Walk to the discovery of the Monte Pisano, plants and flowers, to enjoy plenty of good air and landscapes to be admired; walks on Mount Castellare with snack, laboratories with wild herbs collected during the walking trails, paths to discover ancient rocks and the remains of dinosaurs, hiking and children’s climbing, but also short stories set in the woods and theatrical performances that make you smile and think.


Esplorare il territorio in bicicletta

For families who like to take a nice walk by bicycle in total peace and security, Vicopisano is perfect for a visit on two wheels thanks to the two-equipped bike paths: one that runs through the tree lined entrance to the village of Vicopisano and that connects San Giovanni alla Vena to other fractions of Uliveto Terme and Caprona; it is ideal for exploring the Arno and for a stop to the Uliveto Thermal Park, a break for ice cream or for a dip in the pool (in summer). The bike tour Vico Bike, which is dedicated to the families and to the discovery of the territory of Vicopisano also through its many towns, is organized every year in June. Another event in nature theme featuring outstanding performances, outdoor sports, entertainment and literary workshops, walks and excursions to discover the historical treasures, nature and landscape of the area for children is Castle in bloom and takes place in mid-May.

Stories of books: activities and services for all in the library

The Library of Vicopisano – which also houses the Tourist Board – provides many free services aimed primarily at boys and girls, girls and boys of all ages. Equipped with 22,000 volumes including approximately 10,000 children books and more than a thousand DVD titles including films, documentaries and animated cartoons, the rooms have 40 reading seats and 3 computers available for free Internet browsing. In addition to the loan of books in Italian / English / French / German / Albanian / Romanian / Arabic, the loan of DVDs, e-readers and ebooks, you can take advantage of a game space and participate to the many events and recreational and cultural activities organized throughout the year: meetings with authors, animated readings, hands-on workshops, film forums. Most workshops are offered in conjunction with the events that animate the village of Vicopisano.


Children events in Vicopisano

There are many events organized specifically for children or that include a program dedicated to them. Here we point out the ones that are organized every year:

Feast of Travellers, Castle in bloom, Vico bike, Medieval Festival of children, VicoHalloween, Christmas in Vicopisano and in San Giovanni alla Vena, Summer in Vicopisano,

Visiting the calendar page you can find all the scheduled events, including non-recurring items.


Kid friendly accommodations in Vicopisano

A Vicopisano receptivity has spread throughout the city and is based on small structures and family-run B & B, holiday houses and apartments, villas and historic houses. The small size and the exclusive presence of the inhabitants and residents that are ready to welcome you and introduce you to the area that live throughout the year, is a guarantee of quality and the high regard in welcoming reserved especially for families with children and their special needs. In addition to providing specific allocations for children’s room or to provide you special services on request, small accommodation are pleased to give a 360 degrees support and advise on restaurants that also offer menus for the little ones, where to shop for babies, but also where there are medical services, first aid and hospitals in case of emergency. On the interactive map you can find all the facilities and all the local eateries with information and contacts


The places for children in Tuscany: what to do in the surrounding area Vicopisano

For families who choose Vicopisano in order to visit a little piece of Tuscany with their children, here is a small map of the places and activities that can be found a few kilometers away ( the half-day or full day).

We start from Pisa: which child would not want to see up close the Leaning Tower? Emotion is only for adults and children, but it is important to know that for children who have not completed eight years access is not allowed. Instead, you can visit all other monuments which are free up to 10 years. In Pisa children can also have fun in a quiet carriage ride that allows you to enjoy the other beauties of the city and the Arno river, or the San Rossore Regional Park, located less than 10 kilometers from the historic center, a real green lung, perfect for walks, picnics and visits to environmental issues. Moving in Calci, close to Vicopisano, we find two very interesting museums, both within the Monumental Certosa, and offering tours and workshops for children: the National Museum of the Monumental Certosa of Pisa, a former Carthusian monastery dating from the fifteenth century, unmissable with its magnificent baroque façade that opens onto an inner courtyard, organizes activities for families with many programs dedicated to discovering not only the artistic and historical value of the building but also the lives of Carthusian with many recreational activities and active hands-on workshops all the year; the Museum of Natural History and Territory, offers a visit to important zoological and paleontological collections and features a gallery of cetaceans among the largest in Europe, with whole whale skeletons,  and on children always have a great success. Among the theme parks in Collodi (about 30 km from Vicopisano) is the famous Pinocchio Park, a large area dedicated to the famous puppet, and Peccioli (25 km from Vicopisano) is the Prehistoric Park: a blast from the past for little ones, where you can have fun admiring the fiberglass life-size reproductions of dinosaurs.


For more infos please ask the Tourism Office.



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