Discover the 13 towers of the medieval village of Vicopisano

A fun way to discover Vicopisano is to go in search of its 13 medieval towers, in a path all dedicated to their history, the meaning of their names and their different functions.

Inside the historical center of the village nine medieval towers, dating to a period from the eleventh to the fifteenth century, are in fact well-preserved: real samples of medieval buildings and of that civilization which had with the tower the highest expression of power and domination of the city. Also, along the route of the wall are still visible four cylindrical towers, which were used for the strategic control of the walls.

Here are the towers of Vicopisano, military and civil type: a historical architectural heritage that we invite you to visit and learn together with us, a tangible demonstration of the importance of the village in the panorama of the medieval villages of Tuscany.


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